Name Die Cast, Fishing Tackle, Sporting Ephemera Auction
Auctioneer Pacific Auctions And Appraisals
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 2/18/2021 - 2/26/2021
Bidding Opens THURSDAY FEB 18th 6PM PST Bidding Begins Closing FRIDAY FEB 26TH 6PM PST
Preview Date/Time By Appointment Only
Location 1309 Bouslog Rd.
Burlington, WA 98233
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium
Die Cast, Fishing Tackle, Sporting Ephemera Online Auction, Over 200+ Lots 1961 Skagit Runabout 18' Boat & Trailer + 2 Motors Die Cast Collection- Funny Cars, Stock Cars, Motorcycles, NASCAR, Looney Tunes: Limited Edition 1:24-scale Funny Cars, Limited Edition 1:24-scale Prostock Cars, Limited Edition 1:18-scale Champ Cars, Limited Edition 1:18-scale Sprint Cars, Limited Edition 1:9-scale Prostock Motorcycles, Limited Edition 1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragsters, Limited Edition 1:24-scale 24kt Gold Stock Cars, Limited Edition 1:24-scale Stock Cars. Vintage Ephemera- Advertisement Wall Calendars, Fishing Calendars, Fishing Guides, Hiking Guides, Boating Guides, Tourism Guides, Cruise Ship Passenger Lists, Sedro Woolley Washington Historic Papers, Smokey The Bear Collection, Vintage Racing Tickets, See Your West Scenic Art Prints, Mt Baker Washington Maps, Framed Duck Art, Vintage Magazines; American Iron and Easy Rider. Fishing Tackle- Salmon Plugs, Creek chub, Shakespeare, South Bend, Fresh & Saltwater Tackle, Tackle Boxes; Loaded and Empty. Marble Collection, Vintage Dice, Folk Art American Flag, Insulators, Vintage Bottles and more. 1000 Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jerry Toliver, Limited Ed 1001 Del Worsham, Jurassic Park 3, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1002 Cruz Pedregon,limited Edition 1:24-scale Funny Car 1003 Tom Hoover, Pioneer,1:24-scale Funny Car 1004 Dale Creasy Jr., Vote Mad,1:24-scale Funny Car 1005 Cristen Powell, Nitro Fish, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1006 Frank Pedregon, Jurassic Park 3, 1:24-scale Funny 1007 Gary Densham, Limited Edition 1:24-scale Funny Car 1008 Tony Pedregon, Castrol Syntec, Limited Edition 1009 Al Hofman, Mooneyes, Limited Edition 1:24-scale 1010 John Force, Castrol Gtx, Limited Edition 1:24 1011 Kenny Berstein, Chelsea King,1:24-scale Funny Car 1012 Dean Skuza, Matco Tools,1:24-scale Funny Car 1013 Al Hofmann, Gm, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1014 Dean Skuza, Matco Tools, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1015 Jim Dunn, Penthouse, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1016 John Force, Castrol Elvis,1:24-scale Funny Car 1017 Kenji Osaka, Moon Eyes, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1018 Cruz Pedregon, Small Soldiers,1:24-scale Funny Car 1019 Jim Epler, Wwf/kane, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1020 Jerry Toliver, Wwf/the Rock, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1021 John Force, Castrol Gtx, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1022 Tom Hoover, Pioneer, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1023 Jim Epler, Wwf/undertaker, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1024 Jerry Toliver, Stone Cold, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1025 Winston Drag Racing, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1026 Don Prudhomme, Skoal Bandit, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1027 Ron Capps, Skoal Bandit,1:24-scale Funny Car 1028 Whit Bazemore, Smokin Joes, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1029 Whit Bazemore, Winston, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1030 Ron Capps, U.s. Tobacco, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1031 Tommy Johnson Jr., Autographed Case, 1:24-scale 1032 Tommy Johnson Jr., Skoal Berry,1:24-scale Funny Cr 1033 Warren Johnson, Superman Gm,1:24-scale Prostock Cr 1034 Ron Capps, Brut, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1035 Al Hofmann, Moon, 1:24-scale Funny Car 1036 Budweiser #10, Limited Edition 1:18-scale Champ Cr 1037 Bryan Herta, #8 Shell, Limited Edition Champ Car. 1038 Maurecio Gugelmin, #17 Pac West, Broken 1039 Joey Saldana, Mox Motorsports, 1:18-scale 1040 Johnny Herrera, Networks,1:18-scale Sprint Car 1041 Johnny Herrera, Burger King,1:18-scale Sprint Car 1042 Matt Hines, Eagle One/dracula,1:9-scale Prostock 1043 Greg Hodnett, Vasser Chev., 1:18-scale Sprint Car 1044 Steve Smith, Limited Edition 1:18-scale Sprint Car 1045 Donnie Kreitz, Limited Edition 1:18-scale Sprint C 1046 Sammy Swindell, Channelock,1:18-scale Sprint Car 1047 Three 1:18-scale Sprint Cars, 1048 Matt Hines, Vance & Hines Superman, 1:9-scale 1049 Scott Cannon, Oakley,1:9-scale Prostock Motorcycle 1050 Brian Ayers, Mac Tools, 1:9-scale Prostock Motorcy 1051 Antron Brown, Jurassic Park 3,1:9-scale Prostock 1052 Antron Brown, Troy Vinvent, Mac Tools, 1:9-scale 1053 Matt Hines, Vance & Hines,1:9-scale Prostock Motor 1054 John Myers, Limited Edition 1:9-scale Prostock Mot 1055 Tony Mullen,,1:9-scale Prostock Motorcycl 1056 Angelle Seeling, Close Call, 1:9-scale Prostock M 1057 Gary Scelzi, Winston,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragster 1058 Cristen Powell, Reebok,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragstr 1059 Shirley Muldowney,,1:24-scale Top Fr 1060 Kenny Berstein, Louie The Lizard,1:24-scale Top 1061 2000 Gator Nationals,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragster 1062 Shirley Muldowney,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragster 1063 Shirley Muldowney, Otterpops,1:24-scale Top Fuel 1064 Kenny Bernstein, Budweiser,1:24-scale Top Fuel Drr 1065 Jim Head, Close Call,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dragster 1066 Cory Mcclenathan, Mcdonalds,1:24-scale Top Fuel Dr 1067 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1068 Mark Martin, #2 Miller,1:24-scale Stock Car 1070 Coca-cola 600, Charlotte Motor Speedway 1071 Kevin Rubb, #37 Timer Wolf,1:24-scale Stock Car 1072 Michael Watrip, #21 Citgo,1:24-scale Stock Car 1073 Sterling Martin, #40 Coors,1:24-scale Stock Car 1074 Mark Martin, #31 Fat Boys Bbq,1:24-scale Stock Car 1075 Bobby Allison, #12 Coca Cola,1:24-scale Stock Car 1076 Sterling Martin, #40 Coors Light,1:24-scale Stockr 1077 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite, 1:24-scale Stock 1078 Rusty Wallace, #24 Dupont/pepsi/daytona, 1079 Jeff Gordon, #24 Dupont/pepsi, Daytona, 1080 Kevin Harvick, #29 Gm, 1:24-scale Stock Car 1081 John Andretti, #43 Cheerios,1:24-scale Stock Car 1082 Darrell Waltrip, #300 Tim Flock,1:24-scale Stock 1083 Kasey Kahne, #9 Dodge Dealers,1:24-scale Stock Car 1084 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1085 Jeremy Mayfield, #12 Mobil 1 125th Kentucky Derby 1086 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite, 1:24-scale Stock Cr 1087 Alan Kulwicki, #7 Hooters,1:24-scale Stock Car 1088 Jimmie Johnson, #48 Lowes,1:24-scale Stock Car 1090 Darrell Waltrip, #17 Tide,1:24-scale Stock Car 1091 Jeff Gordon, #24 Dupont,1:24-scale Stock Car 1092 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite, 1:24-scale Stock Cr 1093 Diecast Richard Petty See Through Race Car Model 1094 Richard Petty, #43 Grand Prix, 1:24-scale 1095 Dale Earnhardt Jr. #3 Revell Collection 1097 Richard Petty/kasey Kahne, #43 Stp #9 Dodge Dealer 1098 Winston Cup #1, Limited Edition 1:24-scale Stock 1099 Mark Martin, #6 Valvoline, 1:24-scale Stock Car 1100 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1101 The Victory Lap Commemorative Car,1:24-scale Stock 1102 Kenny Schrader, #36 M&ms Racing Team 1103 Sterling Martin #40 Coors Light,1:24-scale Stock R 1104 Kevin Lapage, #99 Red Man Tabacco. 1:24-scale 1105 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1106 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite, Elvis 25th Anniv. 1107 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1108 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Stock Car 1109 Sterling Martin, #40 Coors Lighe Brooks & Dunn 1110 Kasey Kahne, #9 Dodge Dealers, Mountain Dew 1111 Richard Petty, #43 Stp D500 50th, 1112 Richard#43 The Victory Lap/ 7x Champion 1113 Jeff Gordon, #24 Pepsi/shards,1:24-scale Stock Car 1114 Richard Petty, Yogi Berra, #43/# Ny Yankees 100th 1115 Cale Yarborough, #11 Holly Farms,1:24-scale Stockr 1116 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite/the Victory Lap, 1117 Steve Park, #1 Penzoil/looney Tunes,1:24-scale 1118 Kevin Harvick, #29 Gm/looney Tunes. 1119 Bobby Hamilton, #55 Square D/looney Tunes, 1120 Michael Waltrip, #21 Woody Woodpecker, 1121 Mike Skidner, #31 Lowes/loone Tunes,1:24-scale 1122 Jeff Gordon, #24 Dupont/looney Tunes, 1123 Jeff Green, #30 Aol/looney Tunes,1:24-scale Stockr 1124 Event Car, Looney Tunes,limited Edition 1:24-scale 1125 Terry Labonte, #5 Kellog's/ Looney Tunes. 1126 Signed Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite, 600th Start 1127 Kevin Harvick, #29 Gm/ Looney Tunes. 1128 Richard Petty, #43,1:24-scale 24kt Gold Stock Car 1129 Rusty Wallace, #2,1:24-scale 24kt Gold Stock Car 1130 Kevin Harvick, #29 Gm/e.t.,1:24-scale 24kt Gold Sr 1131 Rusty Wallace, #2 Miller Lite,1:24-scale Platinumr 1132 Richard Petty, #43 200th Win Pontiac, 1:24-scale 1133 Tony Stewart, #20, 1:64 Scale Hauler, Home Depot 1134 Clock, Angelle/team Winston/star Racing, 1135 Clock, Kevin Harvick, Gm Goodwrench 1136 Assorted Nascar Glassware, 1137 Four 9.5" Rotating Platforms, Battery Operated 1200 Norm Evans' Seahawk Report Magazines And 1201 1950s Life Magazine And Saturday Evening Post Mags 1202 Vtg Fishing And Hiking Guides- Prof Guide's Manual 1203 Vtg Mt Baker Washington Fishing And Hiking Guides 1204 Skroner Femte Samlinga Martin Kvennavika C1920 1205 Fishing Journal For Fly Anglers 1206 Vtg Hot Rod Mags- Hop Up, Hot Rod, Best Hot Rods, 1207 Vintage Advertising Wall Calendar John Condon Co 1208 Fly Angler Art Print Wall Calendar C1942 1209 Advertising Wall Calendar C1958 Kenmore Hardware 1210 Advertising Wall Calendar C1958 Kenmore Hardware 1211 Advertising Wall Calendar C1944 Rawleigh's B-26 1212 1949 Sedro Woolley Calendar, Moore And Coulter 1213 1978 Reproduction 1922 Cars Calendar 1214 Traveling Ephemera, Yellowstone, Grand Coulee Dam 1215 1939 Sailing Ephemera, Norway '39, M.s Oslofjord, 1217 1963 Bsa Motorcycle Service Chart, M.c. 50 1218 Sedro Woolley Wa Ephemera, 1949 & 1968 1219 Two Prints, Palomino Play, Pride Of The Show. 1220 1952 Bellingham, Wa Calendar, Bud Taplin's, 1221 1953 Mt. Vernon Calendar, Dick Prankard's 1222 The True Story Of Smokey "the" Bear Ephemera 1224 Jeep 1968 Replacement Parts Catalog, Ephemera 1225 Prints On Paper, Bye, Baby Bunting, Ding,dong Bell 1226 4 Roosevelt Horse Racing Track Wager Tickets 1969 1227 1946 See Your West , Full Color Print Spiral Bound 1228 1959 Allis-chalmers Seattle, Wa Calendar 1229 Mt. Baker National Forest Maps, 1936-39, 1960 1230 4 Framed Water Fowl Prints, Foil Highlights, 1231 Collection Of Seven Framed Prints, 1232 20 American Iron Magazines, 2000 1233 19 American Iron Magazines, 1999 1234 12 Easy Riders V.q. Magazines, 1972 Street Chopper 1235 12 Easyrider Magazines, 2000 1236 1920's Steel Meadowbrook Box With 21 Salmon Plugs, 1237 5 Salmon Plugs, 1238 5 Salmon Plugs, 1239 5 Salmon Plugs, 1240 5 Salmon Plugs, 1241 Flambeau Tackle Box Loaded With Salmon Plugs, 1242 5 Salmon Plugs, 1243 5 Salmon Plugs, 1244 Assorted Fishing Tackle, 1245 Loaded Ted Williams Tackle Box, 1246 Assorted Fishing Line And Fly Tying Thread 1247 4 Floatable Trout Bait Dispensers 1248 Large Assortment Of Fishing Tackle 1249 Loaded Gamefisher Tackle Box 1250 4 Floatable Trout Bait Dispensers 1251 Two Perrine Fly Fishing Lure Aluminum Cases 1252 Large Assortment Of Fishing Tackle 1253 Loaded Ted Williams Tackle Box 1254 4 Floatable Trout Bait Dispensers 1255 5 Humpy Special Retail Cards. 1256 Pew Pew Blueing Kit. 1257 Custom Fly Lure Assortment, With Popper Card. 1258 Adventurer Tackle Box Loaded With Gear. 1259 Assorted Trout Lure Cards. 1260 4 Humpy Special Retail Cards. 1261 Vtg Kennedy Kits Bighorn Line Box, Loaded Tackle 1262 Fishing Line Assortment 1263 Wooden Tool Box, Loaded With Tackle 1264 Large Assortment Of Fishing Line, 2 Full Shoff's 1265 Wooden Tool Box Loaded With Tackle. 1266 Boat Oar Hardware. 1267 Yellow Umco Tackle Box Loaded With Tackle 1268 Cast Iron Fishing Tackle Lead Weight Molds 1269 Kennedy Kits Metal Tool Box Loaded With Tackle 1270 Round Leather Reel Box Holder Full Of Vtg. Lures. 1271 Vtg Blue Tackle Box Loaded With Tackle. 1272 Wooden Tool Box Loaded With Tackle, 1273 Metal Tool Box With Tackle, Pull Out Drawer, 1274 Vtg Mohawk Seamless Tackle Box 1275 Vtg Red My Buddy Tackle Box, 1276 Two Vtg Tackle Boxes, Ted Williams, Old Pal 1277 110 Volt Torque Testing Machine 1278 Assorted Marbles, 1 Of 4 1279 Assorted Marbles, 2 Of 4 1280 Assorted Marbles, 3 Of 4 1281 Assorted Marbles, 4 Of 4 1282 Assorted Marbles In Green Case 1283 North American Pin Type Insulators And Book 1284 5 Vintage Bottles, 7 Up, Pepsi, Range, Logan 1285 6 Vtg Bottles, Mount Baker Brand, Pacific Bottling 1286 2 Green Glass Ball Jars/lids And Bottle 1287 50 Star U.s. Flag, Ww2 Badges, Driver & Mechanic 1288 Game Dice And Cup.
Auction Terms & Conditions PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS 360-755-6952 PAYMENT WE ACCEPT CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, WIRE TRANSFER. WE WILL SEND INVOICES AFTER THE AUCTION. WINNING BIDDERS WILL BE GIVEN THE CHOICE TO PAY CASH OR USE THE CARD ON FILE. BUYERS PREMIUM OF 10% + 8.5% SALES TAX WILL BE ADDED TO THE FINAL BILL. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD SURCHARGE OF 3% AUCTION DATES/TIMES - Bidding Opens Thursday 2/18/2021 at 6pm Pst Bidding Closes Friday 2/26/2021 at 6pm Pst PICK UP - By Appointment Only Saturday February 27th Following the auction winning bidders will be contact by email to schedule an appointment. **SHIPPING AVAILABLE ONLY ON DESIGNATED LOTS - LOOK FOR "SHIPPING AVAILABLE" UNDER CURRENT BID** SHIPPING CHARGES - $20 MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED, BEFORE SHIPPING CHARGES APPLIED. WE WILL GROUP ITEMS INTO ONE BOX WHEN ABLE. WE SHIP IN-HOUSE UNLESS BUYER REQUESTS TO USE A THIRD PARTY SHIPPER. HANDLING IS $7 UP TO 24", $14 UP TO 60", + COST OF MATERIALS + COST OF SHIPPING (INSURANCE & DELIVERY CONFIRMATION INCLUDED) + APPLICABLE SALES TAX ADDITION TO OR WITHDRAWAL FROM SALE: PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS reserves the right to withdraw from Auction any of the items listed or to sell at this Auction items not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots. Whenever the best interest of the seller is served, the auctioneer reserves the right to sell all of the items listed, in bulk. CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness of, or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance will be made or sale set aside on account of any incorrectness error in cataloguing or any imperfection not noted. No deduction will be allowed on damaged articles as all goods being exposed for public exhibition are sold "as-is" and without recourse, including shipped merchandise. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any additional terms or conditions of sale, added by PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS , shall be announced prior to the Auction. Auctioneer and staff reserve the right to participate in this auction, including but not limited to; Floor Bids, Absentee Bids, Phone Bids. REMOVAL: Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Purchases can be removed only upon presentation of a paid bill. PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time specified, and shall have the option of removing and storing at the expense and risk of the purchaser any article purchased. Items not removed withing 48 hours of auction close will be considered abandoned property and sold at a future auction. NON-DELIVERY RESPONSIBILITY: PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS shall not, in any event, be liable for non removal or for any other matter or thing, to any purchaser of any lot, other than for the return to the purchaser of the deposit or sum paid on said lot, should the purchaser be entitled to it. CLAIMS: No claims will be allowed after goods are removed from premises. PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RISK: Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release the Auctioneer from liability therefore. Attendees prohibited from the operation, testing of power equipment. Neither PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS nor principal shall be liable by the event of any dispute.PACIFIC AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS may tape record and/or video tape any auction and buyer agrees to allow such tape recording and/or video tape to be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable fees incurred in enforcing these terms. AGENCY: The Auctioneer is acting as agent only and is not responsible for acts of its principals. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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