Name R/C Aircraft, Tools, Vintage Collectibles Online Auction
Auctioneer Pacific Auctions And Appraisals
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 5/28/2020 - 6/17/2020
Preview Date/Time By Appointment Only.
Location 1309 Bouslog Rd.
Burlington, WA 98233
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium
This auction comes from the estate of an avid Remote Control hobbyist from Camano Island, WA. The catalog includes LOTS of R/C plane stuff; airplane model kits, Loads of Balsa Wood, R/C engines, fuel tanks, mufflers, decals, propellers, wheels, servo parts, monokote, lots of ampres gauges, electronic components, chargers, and various other parts and accessories new in package. Lots of Tools; vises, ladders, industrial rolling racks, hand tools, planers, files, power tools, angle grinders, cut-off tool, worm drive saw, dremel, jacks, multi meters, woodworking tools, tap and die sets, cross cut saws, antiqu cross cut saw handles, antique draw knives, saw blades, lighting, home hardware, fasteners, glues, adhesives, electrical, hardware organizers, tool boxes, casters, sprinklers, pressure cookers. Drafting tool kits, architect and cartography tools, protractors, slide rulers, drafting pencils, rulers, french curves, lettering guides, stencils. And other collectibles; antique cash drawer, wooden ladders, Vintage Army stretcher, Boy Scouts backpack, vintage sports jackets, motorcycle jackets, store display case. Over 430+ Lots to Bid On! Catalog 50 T28 Trojan Painted Bare Fuselage And Main Wing 51 Complete Biplane W/servos And Tigre Engine, Serie 52 St77g Aircraft Engine, Super Tartan, Twin Cylinder 53 Maloney 125 Aircraft Engine, New In Box 54 Fox 40 Aircraft Engine, New In Box 55 O.s. Max 15r/c Aircraft Engine, New In Box. 56 Super Tigre 60 R/c Aircraft Engine, New In Box. 57 Super Tigre S 29 Ring R/c W/m Aircraft Engine, Nib 58 Super Tigre S 29 Ring R/c W/m Aircraft Engine, Nib 59 Super Tigre Serie X 11 R/c Aircraft Engine, Nib 60 Super Tigre G20 R/c Aircraft Engine, In Box. 61 Zenoah G380pu R/c Aircraft Engine + Muffler / Moun 62 2 R/c Aircraft Mufflers. 63 R/c Aircraft Muffler Accessories. Super Tigre, Mu 64 R/c Aircraft Engines And Accessories. 65 Bridi Flipper Grenade Launch Glider. Nib 66 Phaeton 90 Biplane Balsa R/c Aircraft, New In Box. 67 Seagull Motors Ultimate Biplane R/c Aircraft, 68 Model Tech Cap 21 72" R/c Aircraft, New In Box 69 1956 Piasecki H-21 Workhorse 1/4" Scale Model. 70 Vtg British De Havilland 4 Flying Model Kit, Nib 71 Vtg German Fokker D7 Flying Model Kit. Nib 72 Vtg Revell B-52 Stratofortress Plastic Model. 73 Vtg F-4c Phantom 2 1/72 Scale Model, Revell, Nib. 74 Vtg Pan Am Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Scal Model, Nib. 75 Vtg Berkeley Waco Cabin, Balsa Flying Model, Nib. 76 Vtg Hal Kriers Great Lakes, Rubber Powered Flying 77 2 Vtg Berkeley Scale Free Flight Or Control Line, 78 Vtg B-17 Flying Fortress, Scale Model, Revell, Nib 79 Vtg B-29 Superfortress, Scale Model, Mpc. Nib. 80 Vtg Lockheed T-33a Jet Trainer, Hawk, Nib 81 Vtg B-58 Hustler, Plastic Scale Model, Nib. 82 Vtg Cleveland Globe Swift, Balsa Plane 83 Vtg Corvair B-36 Giant Bomber Scale Model. 84 F-94c Starfire Plastic Model Kit. 85 Matchbox Dassault Mirage Plastic Model. 86 P-39 Airacobra 1/72 Scale Model Kit. 87 Personnel 46 Scale Pieces 88 B.n. Islander 72nd Scale Model, Airfix 89 Penut Scale, Rubber Powered Scale Model Stearman 90 2 Flying Model Kits, Piper Cub, Cessna 150, Balsa 91 2 Vtg 1/72 Scale Kits, A-20 Havoc, B-25c, Airfix 92 2 Vtg 1/72 Scale Kits, Douglas Invader, Heinkel Hc 93 2 Vtg 1/72 Scale Kits, Super Mystere, Me Bf110-d. 94 2 Vtg. Scal Model Kits, Dam Buster, Saab J-35 Drag 95 2 Vtg Scale Model Kits, H21-c Vertol Workhorse, Fo 96 2 Vtg Model Kits, Thunderbolt P-47d, Focke-wulf Fw 97 2 Vtg. Scale Model Kits, U.s.n A-5a Vigilante, Kor 98 2 Vtg Scale Model Kits, Mercedes Benz 300-sl 99 3 Vtg Scale Model Kits, F-106a, Curtiss Soc-3, F86 100 Vtg Crosscut Saw Handle Pacific/pin Style. 101 Vintage No. 7 Wood Plane 21 And 1/2 In Long 3 102 3 German Scale Model Kits, Heinkel He 100/162, Me 103 2 Vtg Sailboat Winches, Brass Handles. 3 1/2" 104 2 Scale Models, Messerschmitt 410 Bomber, Air 105 2 Scale Model Kits, Shoki Nakajima Ki-44, Mosquito 106 3 Scale Models, Mig 21/15, Japan Navy Submarine. 107 2 Scale Models, Supermarine Swift, Spirit Of St. L 108 2 Vtg. Scal Models, Spitfire, Rpublic Thunderstrek 109 Curtiss Helldiver Sbc2 Dive Bomber Scal Model. 110 2 Vtg. Flying Kits, Lockheed P38 Lightning, Fokker 111 3 Scale Models, P-40 Warhawk, Sky Streak, Stinson 112 3 Vtg. Scale Models, Messerschmitt Bf-109e, Fokker 113 3 Scale Models, Mig 21d, Rf-4b Phantom 2, Jet Comm 114 2 Helicopter Scale Models, Uh-1b Huey, Huey Cobra 115 2 Scale Models, Flying Sub Partially Built. 116 1/72 Conversion Kits. 117 Assorted Scale Model Boxes And Decals. 118 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Heads And Cones. 119 Super Hi-tork 24v Starter. 120 3d Puzzles In Box. 121 Du-bro R/c Canopies, 5 122 R/c Props 11" And Under, Wood And Nylon. 123 R/c Props, 8" And Under, Some 3 And Four Blade. 124 R/c Props, 10" And Smaller, On 3 Keepers. 125 R/c Props, 11" And Under On 4 Keepers. 126 6 Wooden Props, 10-6 127 8 R/c Props, 128 9 Wooden R/c Props, Top Flite, Janzger, Rev-up, 129 4 Large Props, 16-8, 15-10 130 3 R/c Props Super Thrust, 16-6, 14-6 131 8 R/c Props, 11-7 132 6 R/c Props, 15-8, 16-6, 16-10 133 8 R/c Props, 15-8, 13-6 134 6 R/c Props, 18-8, 18-10 135 8 R/c Props, 15-8 136 5 R/c Props, 16-8, 17-10 137 Assorted Props And Landing Gear, Champion 300x300 138 Assorted Landing Gear + Nib Cd Retracting. 139 Assorted Landing Gear + Robart Retractable R/c 140 11 Rubber R/c Aircraft Wheels. 141 8 Assorted Balloon Wheels. 142 13 Assorted R/c Aircraft Wheels. 143 16 Assorted R/c Aircraft Wheels. 144 R/c Aircraft Wheels, 4" And 5 1/2" 145 R/c Aircraft Wheels. Du-bro, 2 1/2" - 3" 146 R/c Aircraft Wheels. Du-bro, 1 3/4" - 3" 147 Assorted Motor Mounts, 148 Assorted Larger Motor Mounts, 149 3 New Motor Mounts, 150 4 R/c New Motor Mounts 151 5 New R/c Motor Mounts. 152 R/c Semco Muffler Pitts, For Eng. 45 To .80 153 Assorted Landing Gear Mounts, 154 Super Coverite. 155 R/c Six Shooter Fuel Fump And Bottle Pump Tops. 156 World Engines Battery Charger. 157 World Engines Deluxe Power Panel. 158 World Servos And Servo Components. 159 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Carl Goldberg, Airspan, 160 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Tf, Goodies, Bonner. 161 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Carl Goldberg, Du-bro 162 R/c Aircraft Accessories, All Du-bro 163 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Cox, O.s. Max K&b, Tf 164 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Glow Plugs, Fox 165 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Cox Thimle Drome Glow He 166 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Sterling, Kraft, Ace, 167 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Nylon Screws, Servo Part 168 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Copper Wire, Nylon Hinge 169 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Thimble Drome, Tigre, 170 R/c Aircraft Accessories, E.g.a.s, Expert Battery 171 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Servo Parts And Mounts. 172 R/c Aircraft Accessories, Servo Parts. Kraft, Eklo 173 Sig Balsa 4" Wide X 48" Long Various Thickness.b1 174 Sig Balsa 4" Wide X 48" Long Various Thickness.b2 175 Sig Balsa 4" Wide X 48" Long Various Thickness.b3 176 Balsa 3" Wide X 36" Long Various Thickness.b4 177 Balsa 3" Wide X 36" Long Various Thickness.b5 178 Balsa 3" Wide X 36" Long Various Thickness.b6 179 Balsa 4" Wide X 36" Long Various Thickness.b7 180 Balsa Various Lenghts And Widths, B8 181 Balsa Various Lengths And Widths, B9, 4"x36" 182 Balsa Various Lengths And Widths, B10 183 Large Assortment Of Balsa Sticks And Dowels.b11 184 Large Assortment Of Balsa Sticks.b12 185 Large Assortment Of Balsa Sticks.b13 186 Large Assortment Of Balsa Sticks.b14 187 Large Assortment Of Balsa Wood, B15 188 Large Assortment Of Wood Sticks, B16 189 Large Assortment Of Wood Sticks, B17 190 Large Assortment Of Wood Sticks, B18 191 Yellow Monokote Rolls, 192 Orange Monokote Rolls. 193 Assorted Monokote Rolls. 194 Red Monokote Rolls. 195 Assorted Monokote Rolls With Solar Film 196 Orange Monokote Rolls, 7 197 Super Coverite Rolls, 198 Silkspan Covering Material And Japanese Paper. 199 Metal Rods And Tubing. 200 Assorted Adhesive Epoxy Super Glue Gasket Sealant 201 Assorted Adhesive Super Glue Epoxy Wood Adhesive 202 Large Hot Melt Glue And Gun Assortment 203 Tri Flow Lubricant, 4 Bottles 204 Assrtd Tape- Electrical, Foam, Velcro, Colored 205 Lrg Assrtmnt- Furniture Feet, Felt Pads 206 Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener And File 207 Assorted Scissors 208 Two Pair Of Multi-purpose Scissors New In Package 209 Wire Strippers And Hanlong Tools Crimping Tool 210 Pair Of Vintage Eyelet Tools 211 Pair Of Crimping Tools 212 Vintage Metal Square And Protractor Set With 213 Vintage Dunlap Hand Planer With Stanley Surform 214 Vintage Heller Bros Adjustable Body File Rasp, 215 Assrtd Tools- Stanley Drill Guide, Craftsman 216 Vintage Palm Planers- 2 Little Giant Razor 217 Assorted Hand Tools – Files, Chisels, Brushes, 218 20ft Air Hose 219 Thermogrip Electric Glue Gun 220 Craftsman Hot Melt Glue Gun With Stand 221 Quick Hot Soldering Gun 222 Electrical Lot- Nortronics Head Demagnetizer 223 Assrtd Vinyl And Pvc Electrical Tapes 224 Wire Connectors 225 24 Gauge Copper Welding Wire 226 Assrtd Electrical- 2 3ft Right Angle Replacement 227 Leviton Slide Control Dimmer Switches And Leviton 228 Box Assrtd Receptacles And Switches 229 Box Assrtd Wall Plates And Telephone Jack, 230 Vintage Brass And Copper Wall Plates 231 Vintage Wooden Crate Made From Apple Boxes, 17.5w 232 Pair Of 3 Ton Jack Stands 233 Lrg Double Swivel Bench And Pipe Vise With Anvil, 234 Dc Milliamperes Double Control Switch / Gauge 235 Volt Meters, Milliamperes Meter, Dc Microamperes 236 Volt Meters And Dc Microamperes Meters 237 Meters- Amperes, Dc Microamperes, Milliamperes, 238 Amperes Meters And Modulator 239 Vintage Meters- Volts, Dc Milliamperes, And 240 Vintage Volt Meter And Amperes Meter 241 2 Volt Meters And 1 Milliamperes Meter 242 Vintage Meters- Volts And Milliamperes, Some 243 Midland Wide View Panel Meters No. 23-311 244 Rheostat 245 Versamatic Reversible Screw Driver And Speed 246 Miller High Fidelity Tuner 247 General Electric Toy Transformer 248 Controlaire Mk Ii Mule Kit Frequency 27.045 249 Digital Multi Meter 250 Micronta Multi Meter 251 The Radio Amateurs Handbook 1954 31st Ed 252 Wood Carving Hand Tools 253 W.a. Kelsey's True Axis Sole Maker Instruments 254 Drafting Tools Kit, Architect Or Cartography Tools 255 Drafting Tools Kit, Architect Or Cartography Tools 256 Sears Protractor In Case 257 Vintage German Protractor With Locking Case 258 D J Fogle Leadlok Drafting Cartography Pencils 258B Wrico Lettering Pen And Lettering Guides, Stencils 259 Vintage True Point Pencil Lead Pointer With Box 260 Assrtd Vintage Protractor Tools 261 Dremel Tool With Case And Attachments 262 Tap And Die Set In Wood Case 263 Casco Electri Craft Hand Tool W/ Box & Attachments 264 Assrtd Pens, Pencils, Drafting Tools, Caligraphy 265 Frederick Post No. 1452w Wooden Slide Rule 266 Keuffel & Esser No. N4080-3 Wooden Slide Rule 267 Keuffel & Esser No. 4081-3 Wooden Slide Rule 268 Keuffel & Esser Doric Plastic Slide Rule 269 Vintage Tools- Craftsman Micrometer Orig Box, 270 Vintage Klein Tool Binding Hook, Cable Puller 271 Assrtd Lot- Sylvania Radio Symbol Guide, 272 Vintage Pocket Protectors – General Electric, 273 Vintage Pocket Protectors – Sylvania Tv, General 274 Getting The Most Out Of Your Band Saw And Scroll 275 Assrtd Lot- Electrical, Wiring, Connectors, Etc 276 Miniature Tap And Die Set And Bits 277 Assrtd Squeeze Fastening Kit, Staples, Pop Nails 278 Arrow Staple Gun Tracker, Various Size Staples 279 Industrial Storage Cart 25 In By 25 In By 66 In 280 Crosscut Saw Handle, Pacific Coast Style, Pin 281 Metal Rods And Tubing. Lots Of Copper 282 Box Assrtd Tools- Screwdrivers, 20" Level, 283 Combination Wrenches, Crescent Wrenches 284 Assrtd Tools- Wire Strippers, Scirssors, Level, ++ 285 Cordless Screwdriver 286 Craftsman Reciprocating Saw W/ Case + Blades 287 Skil Deluxe Jig Saw No 514 Type 4 With Case 288 Oscillating Multifunction Cut-off Tool 1.6amps, Ac 289 Makita 4 1/2" Angle Grinder Rough Condition 290 Dremel Multipro Model 395 W/ Case And Attachments 291 Craftsman Tool Attachment, Grinder / Holder 19495 292 Ratchet Driver Set W/ Case 293 Assrtd Drill Bits And Allen Wrenches 294 Set Of 5 3" C-clamps 295 Assrtd Tools- Pipe Wrench, Reamer, Chisel, 296 Assrtd Tools- Pliers, Linemans Tool, Needle Nose, 297 Assrtd Screw Drivers 298 Assrtd Garden Tools- Hand Timmers, Hand Shovel 299 Assrtd Tools- Paint Brushes, Scrapper, Float 300 Moen Faucet And Assorted Plumbing Toilet Tank 301 Hammer Holder Swivel And Utility Knife Holder, 302 Metalmitre, Vtg Tool, Makes Right Angles In Metal 303 Dado Molding Head Insert, Craftsman, Tablesaw 304 Assrtd Grinding, Sanding, Buffing Wheels And Discs 305 Assrtd Safety Equipment, Respirators, Safety Goggl 306 4' 2 Lamp New Fixture, 120v. 307 Ceiling Light Fixture New In The Box, 10" Glass. 308 Assortment Of Wire And Connectors For Electrical 309 Assorted Electronic Components, Capacitors. 310 Rc Engine Components. 311 Electrical Components Connectors And Pins 312 Assorted Fuses Light Bulbs In Micro Lamps 313 Rc Engine Components, Starter, And Parts 314 Electrical, Audio Video Connectors. 315 Electrical, Diodes, Semiconductors 316 Electrical, Capacitors. 317 Electrical Components Motorsetc. 318 2 Hardware Organizers With Contents, 10x8" Each 319 2 Hardware Organizers W Contents, R.c. Components 320 2 Hardware Organizers W/ Assrtd Electrical 321 Loaded Hardware Bin, Electrical 322 Green Metal Tool Box With Tools And Rc Components 323 The Cutters Edge To All-purpose Cutting Guide 324 1 1/2 Gallon Squatty Red Fuel Tank Metal 325 5 Quarts 5 Quarts Valvoline Gear Oil 85 W140 326 Vintage Sears Craftsman Timing Light New In The 327 Flexible Drive Compression Tester Penske 328 Sears Remote Starter Switch Cranks Engine From 329 2 Tire Irons 330 2 Craftsman Saw Blades Cross Cut Plywood And 331 2 New, Craftsman Sanding Wheel And Jointer 332 2 New 8" Carbide Blades, Masonery And Ripping. 333 7 Inch Adjustable Dado With Extra Parts 334 4, 10" Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, Used 335 Powerstat Type 1 1 6 The Superior Electric 336 Assorted Hardware Mostly Sheet Metal Screws Some 337 Home Hardware And Accessories 6 Decorative 338 Home Hardware Brass And Copper Hinges Screws Door 339 Used Floodlight. 340 Dietz Road Hazard Breakdown Reflectors 341 4 Shepherd Carpet Casters, 2 1/2". 342 4 Shepherd Carpet Casters, 2 1/2". 343 9 Casters With 1/2" Shank. 344 10, 2" Casters. 345 6, 2" Carpet Casters Plastic 346 Large Lot Of Assorted Casters Half Inch And 5/16 347 Shop Light, 2 Lamp. Cantilever Arm. 348 Panel Carrier P7459, For Plywood And Drywall 349 22" Crowbar 350 3 Speed Drills, Stanley Yankee 131a And 31a, And 351 Xcelite Deluxe Nut Driver Set. 352 Dwyer Wind Speed Instruments And Digital Heath 353 4 Sets Of Drawer Slide Hardware, 21". Enough For 354 Large Assortment Of Fuses, Littlefield And More. 355 Assorted Hardware, Brass Fittings, Quick Connect. 356 Carl Rt-200 Trimmer. 357 Little Giant Ladder With Platform And Manual. 358 Laclede Truck Cable Chains, 3027-wbtc, 359 Nelson Rain Train Sprinkler With Hose Ramp. 360 Nelson Rain Train Sprinkler With Hose Ramp. No 361 5 Garden Sprinklers, 362 Nelson Dial-a-rain Sprinkler, 23". 363 Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner, With Box. 364 Sitram Steam Concorde 8.4 Qt. Pressure Cooker 365 Waring Pro Food Slicer. Works. 366 Apple Master 367 Osborne Hand Button Machine W-1 368 Troy-bilt Cultivator Attachment 369 8x8" True Temper Tamper 370 Bosch Worm Drive Saw 1677md. 371 Makita 3/8" Drill 372 Assorted Tools- Bessey Corner Clamp, Pipe 373 Ryobi 4 And 1/2 Inch Angle Grinder Model A G450 374 Telephone Testing And Tracing Tools. 375 Vintage Tilco Cash Drawer, Cash Till, Wooden. 376 Brass Clock Movement And Parts 377 Boy Scout Canvas And Wood Backpack C1944 378 Vintage Army Stretcher, Canvas And Metal 379 6' Wooden A-frame Ladder, Made Of Fir. 380 6' Wooden A-frame Howard Ladder. 381 Roller Extension For Long Material. Wood And 382 Upick Pumpkin Wood Sign 6"×6' , Rough Condition. 383 Antique House Jack. 384 13x13 Three-blade Brass Propeller 385 Tonka Steel Toy. Steers And Rolls 386 Rusty Balls..... 387 Large Set Punches, Sets, And Chisels. 388 Large Set Punches, Sets, And Chisels In Metal 389 Metal Box And Assorted Tools Pipe Wrench 390 Custom Galvanized Tool Box With Copper Handle 12 391 Deep Throat Clamps, 2x 10", 1x 14" 392 Loaded Metal Tool Box. Ratchets Sockets 393 Jorgensen 14in Wood Clamps Pair 394 Vintage Diston And Simonds Saws. 395 3 Crosscut Saws. 396 Large Stanley Miter Saw Fence With Saw, Moves 397 Large Chinese Meat Grinder 398 Vintage Draw Knife 8" 399 Vintage Draw Knife 8" Dunlap 400 Metal Hardware Organizer Bin 12x16 401 Vtg Steel Skil Toolbox 21x8x12 402 Vtg Steel Toolbox, 18x8x9 403 Vtg Hd Steel Box, 18x12x6.5 404 Vtg Wood Trunk With Metal Corners And 405 Maple Display Box, New Plexiglass Top, 21x21x7 406 Blue Metal Stiletto Tool Box 21" 407 Vtg Green Waterloo Metal Box 32x8x10 408 Transit Base, Tripod, Wooden, Legs 56"l 409 3 Valve Holder Yardsticks,1 Oil Measuring Stick 410 Industrial Storage Cart 25 In By 25 In By 66 In 411 Vintage Crosscut Saw Handle, Custom Blacksmith 412 500 Mustad Fishing Hooks, 100 7/0 413 500 Mustad Fishing Hooks, 100 7/0 414 Large 12lb Vtg Logging Hook. 6x10" 415 Assrtd Leather Pieces, Cords And Laces 416 Home Small Red Vise #203 1/2, 2 5/8" Width 417 Green Hardware Organizer- Old Flathead Wood Screws 418 Three Fly Fishing Reels- 2 Pflueger Medalist, 419 Assrtd- Pistol Grips, Bone Knife Handle, 420 Automotive Spotlight #730-1506 New In Box 421 Texas Instruments Sr-10 Electronic Slide Rule Calc 422 Norton Abrasives No. 1 Washita Oil Stone In Box 423 Beer Carmelizer, New In Box 424 Lamplight Emergency Roadside Lighting In Box 425 Alaska Gold & Moma Gifts Of The Magi Book And Gold 426 Rv Power Adapter Power Cord 427 Range Power Cord, 6ft 40amp 250v 3 Wire 428 Briggs Stratton Generator Adapter Cord Set 25ft 20 429 Curt 6 Way Round Trailer Plug 430 Worx Hydroshot Battery Operated Sprayer 431 Carolina Hickory B B Q Vinyl Sign 22.5"x94" 432 Camping Lot- Electric Single Burner, Air Pump 433 L L Bean Rain Shoes, Mens Approx Size 10.5 434 Vasque Hiking Boots, Mens Approx Size 10.5 435 Climbing Harness Singing Rock En12277 436 Vintage Hooded Seahawks Starter Jacket, Size Xl 437 Vintage N F L Stealers Jacket, 6 Time Sb Champs 438 His And Hers Motorcycle Leathers 439 Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket, Size Lrg 440 Transmission Lift Hardware 441 Big Game Bone Saw With Case 442 Assrtd Hardware- Wall Anchors, Concrete Anchors, 443 Wooden Carpenters Tool Box, 29w 10d 15h 444 Assrtd Tools- Wrench Set 7mm-22mm, Socket Set 445 Assrtd Metric Combination Wrenches 446 Assrtd Sockets- See Description 447 Assrtd Deep Sockets- 1/2" Drive, Various Sizes 448 Assrtd Sockets- Proto, S-k, Thorsen 449 Dremel Store Dispay Case, Glass Front, 450 Assrtd Sand Paper And Steel Wool 451 Gas Line And Propane Regulator 452 Assrtd Hardware- Keylocking Hasp, Brasshinges, 453 New 20ft 2 Gauge Booster Cable, With Carry Case 454 New 20ft 2 Gauge Booster Cable, With Carry Case 455 New Set Of 3 Heavyduty Ratchet Tie-downs W/ J-hook 456 3 Wire Closet Shelves, Angled Shoes Shelves 457 Assrtd Metal File Holders And Cd Holders 458 Assrtd Plastic Storage 459 Solid Aluminum Sheets And Recycle. 460 Assorted Drafting Rulers And Protractors. 461 Drafting French Curve Set. 462 Drafting Templates And Guides. Kaylock, Rapid Des 463 Drafting Templates And Guides, Rapid Design 464 Drafting Templates And Guides, Rapid Design, Elips 465 Drafting Templates And Guides 466 Drafting Squares And Templates. 467 Large Collection Of R/c Fuel Tanks. F1 468 Large Collection Of R/c Fuel Tanks.f2 469 Large Collection Of R/c Fuel Tanks.f3 470 2 Solder Guns, Archer And Weller. 471 Multi-use Balancer. 472 3 Mounted Servos. 473 Nor Cal Avionics Accu-tach 1. 474 Tech R/c Discharge Charger Dual. 475 The Men Automatic R/c System Charger. C-50/4 476 Sealector Heat Sealing Iron. 477 Electrical Components. 478 Monokote Iron And Heat Gun. 479 Revell Rat Fink Mr. Gasser Box Only. 480 R/c Accesories, Tower Power Glo Starter, Fox Part 481 Servo Parts And Remote Control Antennas. 482 R/v Assortment Of New Fuel Tanks. 483 Midwest True Running Spinner. 484 R/c Accessories, Sullivan Fuel Tank Parts 485 B&d Electric Weed Eater, Working 486 R/c Airplane Wing Jig.
Auction Terms & Conditions YEP AUCTION SERVICE WASHINGTON LICENSE # 2458 PAYMENT WE ACCEPT VISA, MASETERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, WIRE TRANSFER. CREDIT CARDS WILL BE CHARGED AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOWING THE CLOSE OF AUCTION. BUYERS PREMIUM OF 10% + 8.5% SALES TAX WILL BE ADDED TO THE FINAL BILL. CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE OF 3%. Auction Dates/Times Bidding Opens THU MAY 28TH 6pm(pst) - Bidding Begins Closing WED JUNE 17TH 6pm(pst) Checkout Dates We will be scheduling the pick up for this auction in 15 minute increments. Friday & Saturday by appointment only. ADDITION TO OR WITHDRAWAL FROM SALE: YEP AUCTION SERVICE reserves the right to withdraw from Auction any of the items listed or to sell at this Auction items not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots. Whenever the best interest of the seller is served, the auctioneer reserves the right to sell all of the items listed, in bulk. CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness of, or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance will be made or sale set aside on account of any incorrectness error in cataloguing or any imperfection not noted. No deduction will be allowed on damaged articles as all goods being exposed for public exhibition are sold "as-is" and without recourse, including shipped merchandise. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any additional terms or conditions of sale, added by YEP AUCTION SERVICE , shall be announced prior to the Auction. REMOVAL: Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Purchases can be removed only upon presentation of a paid bill. YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time specified, and shall have the option of removing and storing at the expense and risk of the purchaser any article purchased. Items not removed withing 48 hours of auction close will be considered abandoned property and sold at a future auction. NON-DELIVERY RESPONSIBILITY: YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not, in any event, be liable for non removal or for any other matter or thing, to any purchaser of any lot, other than for the return to the purchaser of the deposit or sum paid on said lot, should the purchaser be entitled to it. CLAIMS: No claims will be allowed after goods are removed from premises. PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RISK: Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release the Auctioneer from liability therefore. Attendees prohibited from the operation, testing of power equipment. Neither YEP AUCTION SERVICE nor principal shall be liable by the event of any dispute. YEP AUCTION SERVICE may tape record and/or video tape any auction and buyer agrees to allow such tape recording and/or video tape to be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable fees incurred in enforcing these terms. AGENCY: The Auctioneer is acting as agent only and is not responsible for acts of its principals. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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