Name Estate Auction Online - Saturday December 1st - YEP Auction
Auctioneer Pacific Auctions And Appraisals
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 11/26/2018 - 12/1/2018
Internet Only With Absentee Bidding Bidding Opens Monday November 26th 10am (pst) Bidding Begins Closing Saturday December 1st 5pm (pst)
Preview Date/Time Saturday December 1st 10-2pm (pst)
Checkout Date/Time Sunday December 2nd 11am-4pm
Location 1309 Bouslog Rd. #109
Burlington, WA 98233
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium
29 Antique 1890s Reinhold Schnekenburger Wall Clock, 30 Brass Display Shelf, Five Glass Shelves 31 Secretary Bookcase, Georgian Chippendale Style 32 Oak Display Cabinet, Glass Shelves, Glass Doors 33 Pair Of Brass Candlabras, 14 1/4" X 11 1/2" 34 Lee K Parkinson Original Oil On Canvas, Seascape 35 Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set, 65 Pcs 36 Sheffield Silver Co Sterling Silver Bowls, 37 Shreve & Co Sterling Silver Tea Pot, 38 Silver-plate Candlesticks, Sterling Drip Protector 39 Silverplate Ellerman Lines Napkin Rings, 3 Pcs 40 Antique Sterling Silver Salt And Pepper Shaker 41 Empire Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks 42 Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks 43 Silverplate Flatware, Assorted Bag 44 Walker & Hall Ellerman Lines Silverplate Bowls, 5 45 Godinger Silver Co. Coaster Set, Silver-plated 46 Silver-plated Flatware, Assorted 47 Victorian Hand Cut Crystal Knife Rest, 5 3/16" 48 Pair Victorian Hand Cut Crystal Knife Rests, 49 Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest Set, 2 Pcs 50 Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest Set, 2 Pcs 51 Pair Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest, 4.5" 52 Cut Crystal Knife Rests, 1 4.75", 1 3.75" 53 Pair Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest, 4" 54 Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest, 4.75" 55 Pair Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rest, 1 4.25", 1 56 Pair Multi Facet Crystal Knife Rests, 4 5/8" 57 W H Grindly Of England Tea Cups And Saucers, 58 Geisha Ware Tea Cup And Saucers, Set Of 4 59 Thomas Sevres Bavaria Hand Painted Plates, Roses 60 Blue And White Oriental Serving Platter, Flared Ri 60A Blue And White Oriental Serving Platter, Flared Ri 61 Antique Cut Glass Auto Vase, 8.5" Tall 62 Antique R S Germany Plate, Pink Roses 6 3/8" 63 Antique Pewter Plates, 4 Pcs 4.75" - 13.25" 64 Vintage Ceramic Bud Vase, White Crackle Glazed 6" 65 Porcelain Doll, 22" T, Pretty Lowbrow Painted Face 66 Hand Painted Victorian Tea Pot, Cream And Sugar 67 R S Germany Dish, Roses, Pink White And Green With 68 T & V Limoges France Dish, Berries, Red And Green 69 R S Germany Tea Cup And Saucer Set, Green And 70 Vintage Baby's Plate " You Dirty Boy ", Made By 71 Violet And Teal Pottery, Made In Scotland, 3 Pcs 72 Hutschenreuther Kunstabteilund Porcelain Art Vase 73 Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, Opalescent 3 3/4"t 74 Hand Painted Delft Blue Salt And Pepper Shakers 75 Hand Painted Delft Mini Plates, And Toothpick Jar 76 Teal Ceramic Lidded Fish Jar, 4 3/4"h 77 P M Bavaria Porcelain Basket, 5 1/4" X 3 1/2" 78 Tall Carved Wooden Candlestick, 16" Tall 79 Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock, Brown Wood Case 80 Vintage Lighted Musical Tree, White With Gold 81 Faribo Pure Wool Throw Blanket, Navy & Beige 100 Vintage Stained Glass Lamp Shade 17.5"w X 12"h 101 Haviland France Limoges Dish Set, White With Gold 102 T & V Limoges Creamer, 3 3/8" X 4 1/4" 103 Lenox Porcelain Basket, Bone With Gold Accents 104 Tuxedo By Lenox Pattern J-33 Tea Cups And Suacers 105 Mikasa Bone China Harrow 129, 62 Pc Set 106 Mikasa Bone China Harrow 129, 61 Pc Set 107 Jeannette Glass Iris And Herringbone Vase 108 Vintage Art Deco Cream Frosted Glass Shade 109 Vintage Brass Lily Flower Boudoir Table Lamp 110 Vintage Bohemia Wine Decanter Set With 6 Glasses 111 Hand Painted Chocolate Pot, Made In Japan 112 Vintage Thomas Bavarian Dinnerware Set 30 Pcs 113 Mikasa Bone China Harrow 129, 56 Pc Set 114 Vintage Travel Case, Tweed Pattern Paper Covering 115 Double Sided Lighted Vanity Mirror, Satin Nickel, 116 Vintage Crystal Table Lamp, 11"h, Electric 117 Vintage Ceramic Milk Bottle, 8 5/8"h 118 Mini Casserole With Pig Lid, Made In Portugal 119 Carved Wooden Water Buffalo Bull, 9 1/2" X 5 1/2"h 120 Glazed Stoneware Collection, Made In Mexico, 4 Pcs 122 Glazed Potted Cylinder Vase, Cobalt Blue, 7 1/2"h, 123 Glazed Ceramic Heptagon Vase, Blue, 3 1/2"h, Signd 124 Glazed Pedestal Dish, Burgundy & White, 7"w X 3"h 125 Birdhouse, Wooden 12"h X 10"w 126 Depression Clear Glass Serving Platter, 14 1/2"w 127 Frosted Glass Holiday Serving Dish, Shallow Bowl 128 Wavy Clear Glass Serving Platter, Footed 14 3/4"w 129 Holiday Serving Platter, Clear Glass And Gold Foil 131 Westmoreland English Hobnail Serving Tray 132 Glass Coaster Set With Silver Trim, Leonard Silver 133 Cut Glass Serving Dish With Silver Rim Band, 135 Lead Crystal Vase, X And O Pattern 10 3/16"h X 8 136 Glass Flower Frogs, 4 Pcs, 3-5.25" 137 Large Lead Crystal Vase, Exquisitely Cut Tall Vase 138 Large Lead Crystal Vase, Flared Top With Bulb Base 139 Large Lead Crystal Vase, Flared Top, Round Bottom 140 Flared Cut Glass Vase, Footed 12.25"h X 5.75"w 141 Pair Of Tall Candlesticks, Intricately Cut Glass 142 Large Vintage Imperial Glass Crystal Punch Bowl 143 Large White Ceramic Platter Made In Italy 144 Fukagawa Hand Painted Plate, Signed, Made In Japan 145 Hand Painted Nippon Plate, Floral 6 1/4"w 146 Hand Painted Nippon Plate, Floral 6 1/4"w 147 Hand Painted Nippon Plate, Water Scene 6.5"w 148 Hand Painted Mieto China Plate, Water Scene 6.5"w 149 R C Crysantheme Bavaria Plate, Grapes 9" 150 Thomas Bavaria Plates, Gold Trim, 3 Pcs, 8.5" 151 Bread And Butter Plates, Cobalt & Gold With Hand 152 Leaf Dish, Old Nuremberg Bavaria Germany 11"x4.5" 153 George And Martha Plate, 22k Gold Trim 154 Butterfly Dish, Ceramic, Pink Roses Gold Accents 155 Assorted Plates And Bowls 156 Bronze And Brass Lamp, Vintage 32" High 157 Bohemian Cut Crystal Wine Glasses 158 Ceramic Lamp, Vintage 22" High 159 Satin Glass Vase, Green With Twisted Stem 5.5"h 160 Large Bohemian Etched Crystal Decanter, Ruby Red 161 Large Bohemian Etched Crystal Compote, Ruby Red 162 Large Bohemian Etched Crystal Decanter, Ruby Red 163 Pair Of Purple Glass Bud Vases, 4 3/8"h 164 Green Glass Vase, Long Twisted Stem 13.75"h 165 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 166 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 167 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 168 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 169 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 170 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 171 19c Meiji Period Igezara Japanese Blue And White 172 Blue And Gold Ceramic Peacock Plate, 10.25" 173 Blue And White Saucer, Japan 6 3/8" 174 Blue And White Peacock Bowl, 6 3/8" 175 Guanyin The Goddess Of Compassion Statue, 18 1/2" 176 Blue And White Stacking Bowls, Taiwan 177 Teapot And Cups, Blue And White Dragon, China 178 Ceramic Pitcher, Green And Peach Lustre 3" 179 Wall Plaque, Wood Frame 12" Round 180 Hand Painted Bowl, Cherry Blossoms With 181 Hand Painted Plates, Made In Japan, 3 Pc 182 Pair Covered Casserole Dishes 183 Enameled Ceramic Vase, Bowl, And Spoon Rest, 3 Pcs 184 Box Soup Spoons, Made In Japan 185 Oriental Folding Fans 186 Vintage Silverplated Covered Casserole Dish 187 Silverplated Metal Basket, 9.25" X 6.5" 188 Whale Cutting Board, 21" X 11.25" 189 Collie Dog Figurines, 7 Pcs 4" - 10" 190 Silverplated Serving Ware, Assorted 191 Pewter Serving Ware, Assorted 192 Vintage Needlepoint Linen, Assorted 193 Vintage Needlepoint Linen, Assorted 194 Vintage Linen Napkins 195 Vintage Crochet Doilies, Assorted 196 Vintage Crochet Linen Runner And Place Mats 197 Assorted Linen, Table Cloths, Lace, Napkins 198 Green Ceramic Tree With Base, Lighted, 22"h 199 Brass Candelabra 13" Tall 200 Pair Etched Glass Candlesticks 201 Blown Glass Vase, Wavy Fluted Rim, Vaseline Green 202 Small Heavy Hammered Brass Pitcher And Bowl 203 Vintage Saudi Arabian Brass Coffeepot, 11" Tall 204 Engraved Brass Teapot And Cups With Serving Tray 205 Small Brass Water Barrell, 4.5" Tall 206 Waterford Cut Crystal Dinner Glasses, 24 Pcs 207 Waterford Cut Crystal Dinner Glasses, 24 Pcs 208 Waterford Cut Crystal Dinner Glasses, 21 Pcs 209 Lead Crystal Serving Bowl, Petal Rim. 210 Federal Glass Co Clear Class Bowl Sunflower 211 Anchor Hocking Vintage Divided Tidbit Tray 212 Vintage Anchor Hocking 4" Medallion Dessert Bowl 213 Fostoria Serving Bowl, 11 1/2"w 214 Four Depression Era Footed Compote Dishes 215 Cut Crystal Cream And Sugar Set 216 Crystal Candy Dish, Double Handle, 11" 217 Fine Cut Crystal Bowl, Chipped Tooth At Rim, 6" 218 Set Of Six Crystal Wine Glasses, 6" Tall 219 Arcoroc Clear Glass Plates, France, Host Dishes 219A Arcoroc Clear Glass Plates, France, Host Dishes 219B Arcoroc Clear Glass Plates, France, Host Dishes 219C Arcoroc Clear Glass Plates, France, Host Dishes 219D Arcoroc Clear Glass Plates, France, Host Dishes 220 Cast Iron Skillet 6", Heat Ring, Marked E 3, 221 Cast Iron Skillet 6", Marked Wagner Ware Sydney 0 222 Cast Iron Skillet 6.5", Marked Wagner Ware U S A 223 Cast Iron Skillet 12", Heat Ring, Marked 10 Sk D 224 Small Copper Molds, 7 Pcs 225 Magna Ware Magnalite Oven Roaster With Lid 226 Vintage Standard Sewing Machine 227 Vintage Marx Dial Typewriter 228 Wooden Slide Photograph Box 12.75" X 9" 229 Brass Kindling Holder, 14.5"h 230 Vintage Table Lamp, Blue Glass With Marble Base 231 Vintage Art Nuveau Style Slag Glass Lamp, 232 Tall Contemporary Glass Lamp, Blown White Glass 233 Vintage Orange Carnival Glass Berry Bowl Set 234 Amberina Pitcher, Red And Yellow Bubble Glass 4.5" 235 Depression Glass Candy Dish, Wavy Rim Peach Lustre 236 Orange Carnival Glass Berry Bowls And Cups 237 Amber Dessert Bowls, Grapevine And Leaf Pattern 238 Hand Painted Display Plate, Pink And Brown, Signed 239 Vintage Hen On Nest Mini Casserole Dishes, 6 Pc 240 California Pottery Candy Dish, Celadon Green 10" 241 Vintage Hen On Nest Mini Casserole Dishes, 6 Pc 242 Coral Pieces, Various Sizes 2.5-6". 243 Shells, 4 Pcs 1.75" - 3.25" 244 Clam Shells, Assorted 245 Sand Dollar 4.5" 246 Shells, 3 Pcs 3" - 3.5" 247 Shells, 5 Pcs 2.5" - 3" 248 Shells, 5 Pcs 3.25" - 7.25" 249 Shells, 12 Pcs 1.75" - 3.5" 249A Shells, 5 Pcs 2" - 4" 250 Shells, Assorted Bag 251 Shells, Assorted Bag 252 Large Neogastropoda Seashell 10.5" 253 Coral 3" 254 Shells, Mesogaropoda 3 Pcs 4" - 5.5" 255 Shells, Neogaropoda 4 Pcs 2" - 3" 256 Large Seashell, Mesogaropoda 14.25" 257 Helmet Conch Shell, Mesogaropoda 6" 258 Conch Shell Pcs, Bag 259 Large Seashell, Mesogastropoda 9" 260 Nautilus Shell Interior, 6.5" 261 Crystals, Geode, Stones And Polished Rocks 262 Leather Covered Wine Bottle, Vintage, 12.5" Tall 263 Duck Wall Mount, 13" X 10.5", Alpha Rez Co. 1983 264 Wooden Spice Rack, 17" X 18" And Towel Bar 19" 265 Three Carved, Hand Painted Wooden Duck Decoys, 265A Carved Wooden Duck, Neck Repaired. 6.5" 266 Wall Mirror With Wood Frame, 39" X 25" 267 Fire South; Where There's Fire There's Smoke, 268 Cry For Freedom, Jody Bergsma Art Print, 269 Cry For Freedom, Jody Bergsma Art Print, 270 Jody Bergsma Numbered Art Print, Winter Scene 271 Jody Bergsma Numbered Art Print, Girl With Flowers 272 Jody Bergsma Numbered Art Print, Boy In Boat 273 Jody Bergsma Numbered Art Print, Sleeping Girl 274 Jody Bergsma Signed Print, Girl With Unicorn, Dove 275 Jody Bergsma Numbered Art Print, Tea With Mom 276 Finches On A Branch, Made From Tiny Pieces Of Wood 277 Needlepoint Sampler, Very Nicely Done, 21.5" X 15" 278 Needlepoint, In The Beginnings, Patrovsky 1974 279 Beaded Needlepoint, Noel, 15" X 20" Framed, Wood 280 Needlepoint, White Linen 17" X 21" Framed, Wood 281 Needlepoint, Four Flowers In Black Thread 17"x21" 282 Needlepoint, Cross Stitch Short Story Of 7 Nations 283 Two Sailboats, Framed Art Print, 51" X 43.5" 284 Oil On Canvas, Peonies In Clay Pot 36.5" X 31" 300 Vintage Oak Secretary 19.5 X 13 X 57t. 301 Vintage Oak Dresser, 2 Over 2 With Swivel Mirror. 302 Vintage Asian Dresser, Teak Wood, Etched Metal 303 Vintage Asian Teak Wood Bar, Hand Carved Panels, 304 Art Deco Chest Of Drawers, Waterfall Front 305 Ikea Rocking Chair 306 Mcm Side Board/buffet, Glass Front, 74x18x33.5"t 307 Carved Hard Wood Headboard, Rosewood Or Mahogany 308 Victorian Hardwood Cammode, Marble Top, 309 Christmas Tree Large, 22.5 X 16", Excellent. 310 Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk, Brown And Black, 311 Childs Rocking Chair, Nichols & Stone, 312 Vintage Retro Table And Chairs, 41.5x29.5x28"h 313 Victorian Carved Oak Wood Corner Chair, 22x22x30"t 314 4 Wood Dining Chairs With Carved Back Splat And 315 2 Federal Style End Tables, 2 Drawers, Glass Top 316 Media Cabinet Mid Century Modern, 30x18x28" 317 Wooden Magazine Rack, Rough Condition, 26x13x22 318 2 Japanese Style End Tables, Burl Veneer, 319 Oak Bow Front Cabinet, 35"x60", Glass Front , 3 400 Pair Of Wooden Bookcases, 42"w X 11"d X 40"h 401 Handmade Quilt, Square Patchwork On Yellow Quilt 402 Handmade Quilt, Square Patchwork On Purple Quilt 403 Vintage Lighted Santa 13.25" Tall, Plastic 404 Vintage Lighted Christmas Elves 13.25" Tall 405 Metal Trunk Travel Case, Black With Brass Corners 406 Large Woven Basket Hamper, 16" Tall 407 Glass Hummingbird Feeder 408 Original Watercolor On Paper By Jody Bergsma, 409 Christmas Assortment, Lights, Ornaments, Stockings 410 Christmas Assortment, Lights, Ornaments, Stockings 411 Light Assortment, Snowman, Ghost, Star Shower 412 Angel And Ceramic Snow Globe 413 Lenox Village Treasures, Mistletoe Park Trees 414 Basket And Glass, Angels And Tree. 415 Snow Flake Candle Holder, Rotating Top. 416 Mother Of Pearl Gemstone Globe, With Clock 7.75"w 417 Wooden Jewelry Box With Mirror, In Box. 11x5"appro 418 Charger Club 6qt Paladium Centerpiece Bowl 419 Crystal Glassware 20 Pc Dinner Set, Service For 420 Kensington Garden Stock Pot, 8qt With Lid, In Box 421 Gibson 46pc Stainless Flatware Set, Charlotte 422 Wooden Jewelry Box, Burl Walnut Finish, In Box, 423 Silverplated Bud Base Collection, 4 Pcs, In Box 424 Glass Poinsettia Serving Bowl, Mikasa, West 425 Braun 10cup Aromaster Coffee Maker, In Box 426 Harry And David Ceramic Bunny Cookie Jar, In Box 427 Godinger Silver Plated Basket Set Of 4, Different 428 Cristal D`arques Champagne Flutes, Paris, Set Of 429 International Silver Company 77pc Flatware Set In 430 Gold And Silver Leaf Glass Platter And Bowl Set, 431 Hampton Silversmiths 45pc Flatware Set, In Box 432 Bon Marche` Silver Plate Platter 15" 433 Pair Of Iron Wood Ducks.5" 434 Ceramic Deer, Norcrest, A669, 9" 435 Libbey Glass Platters, Set Of 2, 12.5" In Box 436 Three Carved Hand Painted Ducks, Balsa Wood. 437 Sony Fm/am/cd Kitchen Alarm Clock Radio, Under 438 7 Ducks Ceramic, Resin, Soap Stone. 2-7". 439 Glass Chinese Snuff Bottle. 2.5" 440 Mikasa Holly Sleigh Porcelain Centerpiece Bowl, 441 Crystal Glass Water Carafe, Pansy Pattern, In 442 Four Wine Glasses With Frosted Designs. 9". 443 Vintage Orange Hanging Ashtray Ceramic, 8x7" 444 Copper Platter 18" 445 California Pottery Biscuit Tray In White, 9" 446 Copper Platters, Coppercraft Guild, Set Of 3, 2 447 California Pottery Biscuit Tray In Orange, 9" 448 Nativity Set, 13.5x11" 449 Carved Wooden Nativity Set By Midwest Of Cannon 450 Five Carved Wooden Angel Set. Midwest Of Cannon 451 Miniature North Pole Village, Porcelain, 24pc, 452 Nativity And Manger Set, 29pcs 453 Wooden hand painted figural Carolers, made in 454 Wooden hand painted figural Carolers, made in 455 Italian leather covered decanter. 18" 456 Vintage glass tree topper.11" 457 Lighted snowman, the caroler 1999. 7" 458 vintage velvet Santa 12". 459 Vintage plastic sleigh and reindeer. 12" 460 Hand carved Santa by local artist don from 461 Hand carved Santa by local artist don from 462 Hand carved Santa by local artist don from 463 Hand carved Santa by local artist don from 464 Hand carved Santa by local artist don from 465 Eskimo hug doll. 8"t 466 Pair of vintage Santa's, 15" & 10" 467 Ceramic frosty. 5", heavy. 468 Vintage Santa, plastic, light missing, by regal 469 Williraye studio kids and dog building a snowman, 470 9 battery operated candles,batteriesnot included 471 Vintage plastic Santa's and glass teddies. 472 Holiday Assortment 473 Sitting Santa 474 Vintage Leather Samsonite Luggage, 24.5"w x 475 Vintage Lady Baltimore Travel Case, 26"w X 17"h
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